Our team of consultants work together to help our clients deliver a better Housing service to their tenants. Marks Consulting Partners is a leading housing services recruitment agency providing recruitment services for housing professionals covering the housing management and housing needs functions. We supply experienced candidates who have either managed or worked within housing teams with varied organisations including Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Assisted living providers and Care Homes.
Recruitment for Housing Services professionals
Whether it be social housing or public buildings, we will find the right person with the skills you need, on a temporary, contract or permanent basis. We have an extensive network of candidates across London and the South East from Surveyor up to Head of Department level.
Housing Management;

The management of an organisations tenants including collecting rent, ensuring quality homes, establishing pleasant relations with tenants and much more!

Roles that we recruit for include:

    • Head of Housing
    • Housing Manager
    • Housing Officer
    • ASB Officer
    • Revenue Office
    • Benefits Officer
    • Income Officer
Housing Needs;

Responsible for the housing needs of tenants and potential tenants and assessing homeless applications. The Housing Needs team can offer temporary accommodation to those who they have a duty to accommodate.

Tenancy Support officers provide support to existing tenants, in order to prevent homelessness, and to those in temporary accommodation, helping them find suitable accommodation to move on to. Working with the rest of the Housing Needs team, the Accommodation officers actively search for and secure accommodation to assist those in need of a home.

 Roles that we recruit for include:

  • Housing Options Officer
  • Homelessness Prevention Officer
  • Complex Needs Housing Officers
  • Housing Register Officer
  • Temp Accommodation Officer
  • HRA Consultant
  • Rough Sleeper Outreach Worker
  • Reviews Officer
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Consultants Joshua Bourne and Ollie Gee specialise in supplying Housing Services staff to the public sector. Contact them today on 01923 510 330.

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